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Alex & Amy Engagement Teaser | Yosemite National Park | California

Yosemite’s Epic Engagement

With as much planning and perfectly timed schedules invested from Alex, Amy and myself, nothing could have stopped us, not even the HUGE storm that was scheduled to roll in, from keeping this EPIC engagement shoot from happening in California’s Yosemite National Park!

Rescheduling the Session was not an Option

It was not just a few weeks ago when evacuations from Yosemite’s Valley started to take place due to the intense flooding. Being very busy and accomplished individuals, Alex and Amy managed to make time on this particular day to shoot an amazing engagement session! Even if we needed to reschedule the session, Alex and Amy had already drove a total of 5+ hours to arrive in Yosemite (that doesn’t include the drive back!), so there would be no reasonable way to just simply reschedule the session. 

Originally, we had hoped that we would be able to shoot in a full patch or field of snow. But after a half an hour of driving around, we realized that most of the snow had already melted and it was scheduled to snow again until later that evening. Of course, we were not going to wait in the storm that incoming, so we did with what we had. Which to be funny, the United State’s most stunning national park is not too bad of an option. 

Confidence in Yourself

To be completely honest, my heart sank when we could not find any snow (actually we found a large area of snow as we were driving back and we were like “Bummer!”). I knew that we could not reschedule the session since we have made the drive out and Alex & Amy didn’t have any other availability. Not just that, but I was truly invested in capturing an EPIC engagement session that had snow because they wanted it. Thankfully, Alex and Amy were flexible and was accepting of the fact that just shooting in Yosemite was beautiful enough for them. 

Thank you, Alex and Amy, for entrusting me the whole time. Truly, your positivity in the change of plans really boosted my confidence when the shoot began. Emotions can sometimes get the better of me (I cry all the time during wedding ceremonies!) whether it is under good times or bad, but it is couples like you that remind me of why I do what I do. 

Full Story Coming Soon!

Keep on the lookout for the full blog post of Alex & Amy’s EPIC Yosemite Engagement Session! Cannot wait to share!

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