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Andrew & Desiree | Engagement

Andrew and Desiree chose to have their engagement session in Downtown Sacramento near the Golden 1 Center. As a Sacramento Photographer, this recommendation gives you the best of both worlds. This area has both architecture & nature to showcase the city and the two of you!

About Andrew & Desiree

When deciding where to have their session, Andrew & Desiree mentioned that they love traveling and trying new restaurants. It is super important to choose a location that either has some importance to the two of you, or could be a new experience for both of you to highlight a certain aspect of your relationship.

The couple’s idea of a “simple date” pretty much involves anything with good food and drinks. My kind of people! I recommended this area for the variety of architecture and textured backgrounds. But also their was a Rare Tea boba shop near by where they could stop and get a drink as part of their engagement session.

Nerves Are Normal

Nerves are perfectly normal for any couple at their engagement session. Most of the time, couples have never had their themselves photographed together professionally.

One of the things I tell couples at the start of their engagement session is that they have each other. It is a lot easier to be photographed with another person than it is by themselves. You get to play off each other: nerves and all!

So I like to arrange engagement sessions as if the couple is going on a date. And for Andrew & Desiree, we did just that!

To Andrew & Desiree: Brownie points to Andrew who knew how to bring out the smile of Desiree is such a genuine way. Your engagement session was so much fun! And I cannot wait to celebrate you both next September.

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