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Destination Elopement | Chris & Kylie Wedding | San Francisco City Hall

San Fransisco City Hall Destination Elopement

Chris & Kylie decided that they were going get married at San Fransisco’s City Hall. Because they traveled from the east coast, getting married at SF’s City Hall became their destination elopement wedding. Fortunately, the majority of their family and friends live in the west coast, so guests were easily accommodated to travel relatively locally for a weekend.

Destination Elopement Wedding Photography

I met Kylie for the first time at Tim & Jade’s wedding in 2017 at Big Trees in Arnold, CA. Kylie was the maid of honor for Jade, so it was no surprise that Jade was asked to be Kylie’s matron of honor at her wedding. Looking back at Tim & Jade’s wedding video I saw many clips of Kylie standing close by her best friend on one of the best days of her life, and it was beautiful to see the love and affection returned by Jade on Kylie’s wedding day.

Not long after the wedding, Kylie reached out to me saying that she and Chris were planning on having a destination elopement at San Fransisco’s City Hall and wanted me to be their wedding photographer. Having been to the City Hall before and observed many brides and grooms who got married and had their photos were taken in such an elegant setting, the anticipation of photographing their special day could not have come any sooner!

The Day of the San Fransisco Wedding

Wedding elopements are very short and go by super fast! It was crucial for me to make sure that I was there on time and make sure that I shot everything that I needed to get. The night before the destination elopement, I drove out to San Fransisco and stayed a night at a nearby hotel and woke up to walk a block down the street to meet the bride and the groom.

By the time I arrive at each of their hotel rooms, Kylie was having her hair styled, and Chris was ready to go. I started with the guys first since they are the easiest and the girls were finishing their final touches before getting dressed. Chris and his groomsmen were on the dot. Although little Elliot was crying at first when I walked in (oh, he has photos to remember that moment when he’s older you best believe it!), Chris was great at making sure his little man was dressed and ready to go in his suspenders and bow tie.

Arriving at the City Hall

Upon arriving at the City Hall, Chris and Kylie had their first look on the bottom floor hallway before going to the marriage office to sign the legal paperwork. Little Elliot was super glad to see his mother having not seen her all morning.

When you enter the City Hall building and walk towards the large central staircase and look behind you, massive pillars and archways are centering a golden clock on the second floor where Chris & Kylie choose to have their wedding ceremony among a small group of their family and close friends.

After the wedding ceremony, we had a short window of time to photograph the family portraits before the next wedding was to being. Afterwards, Chris and Kylie’s guests left to head over to their reception to celebrate, but before the bride and groom had gone, we had some time to photograph their couple portraits.

Watching Chris and Kylie together alone was a precious sight to witness. The love and kindness they showed one another are depicted in their photographs to be passed down as a testimony and legacy to Elliot and future generations. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Kinney!

San Fransisco Destination Elopement Wedding Photos


Photography: Karissa Wright Productions
Venue: San Fransisco City Hall
Makeup: Amanda J Artistry
Hair: Jasmine Abilar
Wedding Dress: Liam Carlo, Kinsley James Couture Bridal
Guitarist: SF Conservatory of Music

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