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Christopher & Teresa Wedding | Friendly Wedding Chapel

They say that any moment could be THE moment when you’ve met that special someone. For Christopher and Teresa, that moment happened when they were in elementary school! Christopher was in second grade, and Teresa was in third grade. Something clicked when they met and they became instant friends. Little did they know that that friendship would bring them where they are today.

Christopher & Teresa’s Love Story

In 2006, Teresa and her family moved, and the two lost contact with one another. Four years later, Teresa moved back and wondered if she would be able to get in touch with Christopher again. Through chance, Teresa was deleting her Myspace (basically the cool hip thing before Facebook) and happened to receive a message from Christopher. What are the chances?

From there they started catching up and hanging out with one another as if time hadn’t passed by at all. After a while, Christopher and Teresa’s friendship grew to more than friends, so they became official as of May 2011.

Officially Mr. + Mrs.

Any relationship is complicated, but through all life’s curveballs, Christopher and Teresa were willing to be one another’s support. It was on the Eve of Christmas in 2017 that they decided to tie the knot and become Mr. and Mrs. Robinson officially. So they did! With Riley, their daughter, as the flower girl at their wedding, Riley witnessed the love and commitment her parents vowed to one another. Although she may not recall her memories of this particular day, she has the photos to look back on and cherish.

Congratulations to Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Teresa Robinson! It was a pleasure to be a part of your wedding day and celebrate your little family’s union.

Christopher & Teresa Vendors

Venue: Friendly Wedding Chapel
Dress: David’s Bridal

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