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Daryl & Jessica Wedding | Spring Creek Golf & Country Club | Ripon, CA

Married couples can testify to the strength and endurance it takes to be married to their spouse. For couples that had a quick shot gun style wedding, choosing to renew their marriage vows by putting together a big wedding party can be an extra special thing for the couple, their families, their close friends, and especially their children.

Marriage Celebration at Spring Creek Golf & Country Club

Jessica and Daryl have been together for 10 years. They were wed in a local courthouse but wanted to have a wedding celebration with those that they loved most. Watching Jessica walk down the aisle with her father- you can see the changes of expressions on her face as she looked at the smiling faces around her. Later, she said that she was overwhelmed with joy of the family members that were able to travel from across the country just to celebrate her and Daryl.

Most Adorable Part: Christian & Makenzie

Staff at the Spring Creek Golf & Country club did an excellent job setting up, coordinating, and catering Daryl and Jessica’s marriage celebration. Most of the decor and all of the florals were DIY projects Jessica had prepared and they looked beautiful!

But what was even more beautiful was how cute Daryl and Jessica’s two kiddos were at the ceremony and reception! Down the ceremony aisle was a beautiful floral petal design that Christian and Makenzie did a very good job tip toeing around the petals as they walked down the aisle together hand in hand. So cute!! Even during the reception, watching their interactions with their grandparents and their parents was absolutely adorable!!

It was a PARTY!

There was so much dancing, sing-a-longs, and money being put of Jessica and Daryl that I can’t help but laugh at the memories of when these photos were taken. Being a family oriented wedding, guests and family of Jessica and Daryl made it a rememberable and fun experience late into the night even with little ones! It was quite impressive for such an occasion!

Thank you Daryl and Jessica for allowing me to be a part of your marriage celebration of 10+ years!


Photography: Karissa Wright Productions
Makeup Artist: Makeup You’re Mine by Erica Alise
Venue: Spring Creek Golf & Country Club

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