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Jeret & Hannah Engagement Session | Montana de Oro State Park | San Luis Obispo, CA

To be honest, I could not be any more happy that Jeret and Hannah were the couple I had the opportunity to shoot my first ever rainy day engagement session. If it was not for their carefree spirits and outgoing personalities, this session would have either been rescheduled or moved into a craft or grocery store (which would have fine & I would all for it, but I am glad that the latter worked out). 

From Hannah

How They Met

Jeret and I met in High School on homecoming weekend of my first year at a new school. It was spirit week (Work-Out Wednesday), so he was dressed in sweatbands and short shorts and I knew it was meant to be. We were best friends for a year before he asked me to be his girlfriend, and we spent the rest of high school together. Two proms, homecoming royalty, voted “cutest couple” in our Senior Class-it was just like a movie, and all of our friends have been cheering us on ever since.

Long Distance Relationship Through College

We applied and were accepted to two different universities and so we have been dating long distance for four years now. Looking back on four years of tough goodbyes, Skype dates, writing letters, and sweet reunions, long distance has definitely made us stronger and has taught us so much. But we are VERY excited to be entering into our LAST semester!!

How He Asked

On our fifth anniversary this past October, Jeret took me to one of his favorite spots to watch the sunset, Prefumo Canyon in San Luis Obispo where he goes to school. We watched the sunset sitting on the back of his car and he said he got me something small for our anniversary. He got down on one knee and pulled out a box and the waterworks started for both of us. By the time we finished crying and talking, the sun was down and it was too dark for pictures. But it was a moment we have both waited for a long time and one neither of us will forget.

This year we will finally get married!! Fresh out of college and ready to start a life together. Capturing our excitement and sharing that with our family is something we haven’t had the chance to do yet, but something that is super important to us. We are excited to share with those we love our wonderful news! 

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