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Jeret & Hannah Engagement Teaser | Rainy Adventure | San Luis Obispo, CA

Adventure engagement sessions are my new favourite things to photograph!
Our goal is to capture the love of couples near and far. That being said, we drove a total of 9-hours for this San Luis Obispo engagement shoot that could not be rescheduled no matter what the weather could have been. The future bride and I were both disappointed and nervous about the rain, but we decided to give it a shot and hope for the best. BEST DECISION EVER! 

Meet Jeret & Hannah.

To be honest, I am not going to tell you much since this is just the teaser for the full gallery, BUT I could not help myself but share a few photos from the shoot.

First thoughts: WOW! Jeret and Hannah were seriously natural models. If they were nervous, you could not tell by looking at these photos. Even though it was really cold- they did a fabulous job of not letting that show on their faces at all. 

The key was to have a good time and forget about the camera even being there. I had a blast giving Jeret and Hannah a few prompts to help them forget that I was even there and capture some of the most authentic moments they had. 

Second thoughts: I thought the rain was going to make this session awful, but after seeing these photos my thoughts are quite the opposite. In fact, these might just be my favourite session so far! 

I am going to be editing these more, but just know that the full blog post of this session will be coming out very soon. Be on the lookout! Below, there is a button to register for the full gallery release. Click and enter your email address to be notified when released! 

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