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Jorvic & Stephanie’s Wedding

There are not enough words to describe how much I’ve grown to love these two newlyweds! Jorvic and Stephanie had their wedding ceremony and reception at Downtown Modesto’s The Century. If you’ve never heard or seen The Century, let me tell you that everything about the venue was the perfect fit for this adorable couple. What’s even cuter is that the wedding date, June 9, 2019, is the day before their ten year anniversary as a couple!! Tell me that’s not cute!

Jorvic & Stephanie’s Wedding

Thank you Jorvic & Stephanie for trusting Karissa Wright Productions to preserve your wedding day story through photography and videography. Congratulations on your marriage! We are excited for you to have these memories as a living testimony of your love and commitment to one other.

Stephanie & Jorvic smile at the camera for their wedding photographs while on Modesto's Parking Garage Rooftop.

How They Met

Through His Eyes

Stephanie and I met in 2008 at Sierra High School in English Honors during our freshman year. It wasn’t until 2009 at Lathrop High School during drumline when I found out that Stephanie had a crush on me and I started to develop feelings for her.

After a few months of being close friends, I asked her to be my girlfriend on June 10th, 2009. It was more along the lines of me asking, “What would you say… if… I asked you out?” We enjoyed each other’s company as we shared many classes together and made many great memories with our friends.

As we grew closer, I insisted on calling her Dyanne – as most of her family calls her – so she compromised and decided to call me Justin – which no one calls me by that name. After being part of the 1st graduating class of LHS, I went to pursue a pre-medical degree at UC Davis, and Dyanne went to pursue a pre-nursing degree at CSU Sacramento – only 20.2 miles away. We were both very invested in doing well in school and continued to support each other as much as we could, despite being apart.

After graduating from college, I started a Master’s program at Touro University California and Dyanne started job hunting around the area for potential new grad openings. It was hard being apart and being so busy, but we made it a priority to talk on the phone and plan dates every once in a while.

On December 23rd, 2018, I (finally) asked Dyanne to be my wife, and she said YES. I knew that she – as well as many, MANY others – had been dying (DYANNE) for the day to happen sooner.

First Look

Stephanie and Jorvic decided to have their first look privately from their wedding party, family, and guests before their ceremony. It is always a pleasure to be a fly on the wall and witness their reactions, see their emotions overflow with joy and giddiness of finally getting to see one another. Stephanie wore Essence of Australia wedding dress from Sheryl Giles Bridal Couture in Lodi.

The Urban Chic Wedding Ceremony

Talking with Stephanie about her wedding plans, she said that at first, she didn’t want a big wedding. She explained that they are both introverted and have a tight group of friends that they wanted to invite to have a court wedding. But family members from the Philippines was planning on making a trip to America, so it was decided to have a full ceremony and reception at The Century.

Stephanie said that choosing from The Century pre-made collection was simple and exactly what she envisioned . Making the wedding planning process smooth for how quickly they had to put the wedding details together on short notice.

Ballroom Wedding Reception

During their final consolation meeting, Stephanie said that she was OBSESSED with gold, white, and blush pink. The Century couldn’t have been a perfect choice for the couple because of the wedding venue’s red to pink brink walls that pairs perfectly with the stringed lights.

Entertainment & Speeches

Personally, the speeches for Jorvic & Stephanie’s wedding at The Century is GOALS! Every time I listen to their speeches, I cannot help but cry. Keep scrolling down till the very bottom to watch the highlight film that includes some of the best heartfelt speeches you’ve ever heard.

Cake & Party Time

I have no idea where the tradition of cutting a cake at a wedding came about, but what I do know is that this tradition tells a lot about the couple. How they treat each other: Are they friendly? Mean? Dirty? Cake cutting and how the couple dances together say a lot about how they are as a couple. Stephanie & Jorvic’s cake cutting experience was cute, fun, and radically in love.

First time I’ve worked with DJ Joe of Sounds in Motion and I can tell you that he killed it! From the ceremony announcements, grand introductions, and to the big party celebration, DJ Joe was professional and fun. He truly had the couple’s best interests at heart to make sure the festivities of the wedding went smoothly.

The SIM Photo Booth is one Sounds in Motion newest service additions. Providing a personalized, professional, and fun experience for wedding guests during the cocktail hour to reception your event. Of course, Stephanie chose to have a glittery gold background =)

Watch Jorvic & Stephanie’s Wedding Highlight Film

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