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Justin & Amy Wedding| Forest House Lodge | Foresthill, CA

Justin & Amy’s wedding was filled with a lot of familiar faces. I recognized a lot of guests from Tim and Jade’s Big Trees wedding from the summer prior. Looking back, I remember the love and support for the bride and groom at this particular mountain wedding. Although this will always be a precious memory for me, this day will be even more memorable for the bride and groom.

Justin & Amy Wedding Video

Time and time again, couples have repeatedly expressed their delight in seeing the little moments that they were not physically present for. Or that they were too wrapped up in the main events to notice or remember. A highlight film is not only meant to document the events of the day. The film tells the bride and groom’s wedding day love story. Every person and detail has a role to play in the creation of this story. It is of the utmost importance to remind the couple their story through the good times and the bad, or for better and worst.

Your Wedding Memories Are Worth It

Starting your marriage in debt is not something every couple is comfortable with. However, regardless of your budgeting, it is important to remember not to cut out or minimize your budget for the vendors who will be preserving your wedding day memories: photography and videography.

If you take away one thing from this blog post, this is the most important:

Your wedding photos and video have a more significant impact than just the near future. But these visual reminders effect how you view one another and how your children will see their parents and their view on marriage and love.

In conclusion, life happens the good and the bad. Visual reminders help us through every season in life. I am very grateful to have captured Justin & Amy’s mountain wedding day and remind them of their love and impact their son and future children through their legacy. Congratulations again to Mr. & Mrs. Justin & Amy!

Justin & Amy’s Vendors

Video: Karissa Wright Productions
Photo: Casey Kretzmer Traller
Venue: Forest House Lodge
Wedding Coordinator: Amber Wedding Planner
Florist: Jill
DJ: David Nava Media

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