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Sutro Baths Engagement | Jared & Janessa

Not every newly engaged couple wants to have their engagement session on the sandy beach itself, but would rather have the ocean in the background of their images. Jared and Janessa decided to have their engagement photo taken at San Fransisco’s Sutro Baths. Lucky for the two of them, the rare occurrence of having the sun coming out brought brightness and light to this couple’s session.

Sutro Baths Engagement Session

Every engagement session is different. Some couples decide to go the full glam or stay true to themselves and wear put together looks that show off their personal style. Janessa chose to wear a blush pink blouse with black pants and ankle booties (my personal favorite shoe!). And Jared wore a long sleeve shirt, pants, and dress shoes.

Importance of an Engagement Session

Having an engagement session with your wedding photographer provides so many benefits that you might not have thought of. First off, it helps you (the couple) get to know your photographer’s posing directions. These similar poses might be used on your wedding day. Engagement sessions are the perfect opportunity to learn and feel comfortable.

For Jared and Janessa, this was actually their first time ever getting profession photos taken. For any couple whether or not they have had their photos taken before, it is perfectly normal to be nervous when having your photos taken. The number one thing that I tell my couples is focus on each other and have fun! And you know what? They were naturals!

Wedding Is Coming Soon

Saturday, August 3, 2109 in Modesto, CA, Jared and Janessa finally tie the knot! Karissa Wright Productions is very excited to be a part of their special day and have the honor of photographing and filming their wedding day. Thank you Jared & Janessa for entrusting us with your memories!

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